CMC Group is the global Christian news leader.

As the largest, premium all-digital media platform for the and religious audiences we are in prime position as we pursue our mission to reach Christians everywhere with the latest news, resources and entertainment.

Our primary investment objective is to amplify our growth to accomplish our mission with rapidity and scale.

CMC Group has never decreased in year over year readership, with growth increasing more rapidly in recent years, and in 2012, CMC Group’s flagship publication, The Christian Post, officially became the most visited Religion/Spirituality website in the world.

We expect this growth track to continue as we launch new products focused on deepening our relationship with our core audience and expanding our network with new products targeting younger, more diverse and broader audiences.

We are enhancing our network with new sites focusing on social, photo, devotional, prayer, art and interactive contents.

Maintaining and cultivating relevance to Christian leaders and lay Christians around the world is a key priority for us as we inform our audience on trends in the media and developments within global Christianity and the world.

Achieving increased scale will continuously afford Christians greater opportunity to dialogue and influence public opinion with engaging discussions and actions resulting from daily news events.

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